The Young Marines Drug Demand Reduction program is the focal point of the program. We train our members for success. Staying drug and alcohol free is probably one of the easiest most powerful way for our youth to be successful. In order for us to built a stronger future for our country, we need strong leadership. In order for the United States to stay a global leader, we need strong committed youths willing to be our future leaders.

For the last five years or so Project Alert has been our curriculum. From corner to corner of our nation, and all points in between, it gives us the opportunity to teach a standardized curriculum to all of our Young Marines, so that we can ensure, as well as testify to supporters, that our Young Marines receive the same education regardless of the name of their unit.

Closing the Gate on Drugs Video
Nationally, the Young Marines support the annual Red Ribbon Week by holding activities in their communities. For more information about Red Ribbon Week, go to
Additional Information on how to detect and prevent drug use can be found at these websites.

Dangers of Drinking and Driving (thanks to Emma and Krista for recommending this page)

Drug Addiction & PTSD

Understanding Addiction

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